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Dr. Marlena Kennedy

About Dr. Kennedy

I have been inspired by natural medicines for most of my life! I grew up with a chiropractor as a mother (I know, l was a lucky kid) so I was exposed to holistic therapies from a young age. In times of severe illness as a teenager, botanical medicines and the right nutrients improved my health so much that hospitalization was not necessary. Experiencing this sparked my interest in becoming a naturopathic doctor. Supporting the body’s normal function with good fuel, exercise, botanicals, and nutrients has always resonated with me before jumping to pharmaceuticals or more invasive interventions. I studied naturopathic medicine at National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland. During school, I learned various forms of diagnosis and treatment, from pharmaceuticals to nutrition and botanical medicines. Of course, my first priority in treatment is to use natural medicines wherever possible.

In my practice, I use techniques that integrate muscle testing to assess for stressed organ systems and to select an individualized treatment plan for you. While many people may have a common symptom, their bodies will not need the same treatment, depending on the other factors involved for that individual. With muscle testing, we can identify systems in need and provide support that we can see your body responds to.

Used alongside observation, hearing your story, physical examination, and lab testing, these techniques allow us to get a complete picture of your health and find the best place to start with treatment.

This saves you time and money that could have been wasted on treatments prescribed that your body didn’t need. 

When I’m not working with patients, I love hiking, weight training, yoga, camping, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, and baking. I have a special interest in aviation and got my private pilot’s license at age 19 so I could fly with my grandfather. I’m always looking for adventure!

Why IV Therapy?

My experience with IV therapy for myself and my family has been significant. IV nutrients like vitamin C has quickly helped my body resolve a lung infection and skin infection that was otherwise difficult to treat; IV ozone therapy has been a huge factor in getting a loved one's rheumatoid arthritis into remission; both IV ozone and IV nutrients have been used in my house for quickly and successfully treating concerning viral infections. There are so many applications for these therapies, from infections to chronic illness to just feeling fatigued and rundown.

I have seen and felt the power of these IV therapies and I believe that everyone deserves to have access to them, as they can be lifesaving.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine
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