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Sandy Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my office visits?

Your first visit will be about an hour long. We will go over your health history including symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments tried in the past. If lab testing is appropriate, we will write up a lab order to take to a local lab for a blood draw. I will also perform any indicated physical examinations that may be helpful in diagnosis and treatment.
At this point, we will introduce you to muscle testing techniques. Here we're going to identify which organs are under stress and what your body needs to support and nourish them. This will allow us to tailor your initial treatment plan to be specific for your body's needs. This initial treatment plan will often include dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, home treatment methods, and a supplement or two (depending on what we find with muscle testing). We have a lot to go over in this first visit, so we try to do our best to be efficient with the time we have!
Follow-up visits are normally up to 30 minutes long. During these visits, I will ask how you've been doing and if any symptoms have changed or anything new has come up. From there, we will get started again with muscle testing to determine what treatments you need (physical medicine, homeopathics, herbs, supplements, etc) and to see if your current nutritional program needs to be changed.

How often will I need to see you?

This will depend on your condition and what our goals are. If you are dealing with multiple conditions that require in-depth care, you may be coming in more often during the first few months of treatment. The beauty of muscle testing techniques is that at every visit, we can assess for what treatments you still need, what your body is done with, and what we need to start implementing. Keep in mind - the environment in the body changes as it heals, meaning as time goes on you will need changes to your treatment plan to encourage continued improvement. My goal is not to just give you a list of supplements to take forever, but to get you on the plan that is right for you right now.

Do you take insurance?

Because insurance plans do not cover the therapies that we use, we are not contracted with insurance companies. Unfortunately, working with insurances often means that your care is limited. We want to provide the best possible care for you! Upon request, we can provide you with an itemized bill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Will I have to take supplements?

Ideally, we would be able to get all of the nutrients and minerals we need from a healthy diet. Unfortunately, our environment has been accumulating toxic products over time and our soil is quite depleted. The food we are eating, even if organic, is no longer dense in the nutrients our cells need to function. Studies have shown up to 50% decrease in nutrients in produce today compared to 40 years ago. There are a few supplements that I believe are extremely important to take regularly to maintain a healthy foundation, while others are only needed for short periods of time.

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