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Naturopathic Modalities

Dr. Kennedy uses traditional naturopathic treatment methods to restore function in the body and relieve symptoms. She takes a holistic look at your health to determine any patterns of dysfunction that need to be treated. She believes in treating the body and person as a whole, not just treating symptoms. Some of the core modalities used in the office are listed below.

Nutritional Cooking
Blood Test
Homemade Remedies
Healing Touch Therapy

Manual Therapies

Manual therapies may be used to relieve pain and restore nerve function to muscles and organs. Therapies include soft tissue treatments and joint mobilization.
We also have red light therapy available with a panel of red, near infrared, and yellow lights that promote tissue healing, decrease inflammation, increase collagen production, and more.

Botanical Medicine

Botanicals, or herbs, may be used as part of your treatment to support healing. Similar to nutrient supplements, the compounds in botanicals can be helpful in assisting cell processes, calming inflammation, treating infections, and more. Botanicals are often a great alternative to try when considering pharmaceutical interventions.

Functional Lab Evaluation

Standard lab tests are ordered with most patients, but use more than just standard lab ranges to assess your health. Many people have completely normal lab results, but they don't feel well and they know something is off. This is why we use functional lab ranges. Standard lab ranges that may say a level of 6.9 is “normal” and 7.0 “disease”, for example, with no gray area. But with health, there are gray areas! Using functional ranges helps us to identify patterns trending toward disease (gray areas) so we can address the issue before you qualify for a diagnosis and get you back into the "optimal range".


The foundation of optimal health is getting vital nutrients into the body through food. Without enough nutrients, our cells cannot perform their basic functions of energy production, detoxification, and regeneration. We discuss healthy nutrition with every patient and tailor recommendations to your specific needs. We also address food intolerances that may contribute to symptoms and chronic illness with most patients.

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