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IV Immune Support

IV vitamin C has been used extensively for improving the function of immune cells, replenishing energy, supporting health of skin and connective tissues, and treating cancer at high doses. The human body does not make its own vitamin C, so we rely on food sources to get enough of it. If you’re depleted by nutritional deficiency or chronic illness, IV therapy can bring your levels back up quickly.

Minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, and manganese are also necessary for immune function, stress, muscle cramping, healthy hormone production, and more.

Throw in some B vitamins to boost energy & you can feel the difference!

This is a wonderful treatment for a cold or flu.


IV Immune Support
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Quick Relief Therapies

Headache IV

Magnesium, B vitamins, and Vitamin C in saline for relief of headaches and migraines

Replenish IV

B complex, B12, and Vitamin C in lactated ringers solution (electrolytes)

High Dose Vitamin C

25-50 grams of Vitamin C in saline for low immune function or as a supportive cancer therapy
(requires bloodwork before high doses can be administered)


Add-on glutathione at the end of your treatment for antioxidant benefits and detoxification support

Stress Rescue

Taurine for blood pressure, fatigue, and nervous system calming mixed with Magnesium, B12, and Vitamin C in saline

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