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Kinesiology Techniques

These techniques use manual muscle testing, organ reflex points, and testing substances on the body to find causes of functional problems. We can communicate with the nervous system by noting the change in muscle response and find the specific treatment that the body needs to correct the problem.

Treatments often include accurate selection of supplements, manipulation of structure or energetics in the body, and removing mental/emotional blocks that cause problems in the body.

How do we know when to use herbs vs. vitamins or something else? That's where muscle testing comes into play again. Our bodies are highly intelligent and can pick up on signals from the environment without us consciously realizing it. For example, when you feel that someone is staring at you without any other clues than just a feeling. That change in your environment was picked up by your subconscious (or autonomic) nervous system. By contacting a substance with your body, we can see an immediate response with a muscle test to know if your body will respond positively to the treatment.

Manual muscle testing is also used to determine issues with joint alignment and muscle function. This helps us figure out the proper direction for joint mobilization to correct function and relieve pain.

muscle testing
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