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Bioenergetic Testing

Our Bioenergetic testing device sends small impulses of different frequency signatures to the body and then measures a response through the electrodes. The information it gathers shows us where there are imbalances in organs/tissues as well as nutrients, hormones, environmental toxins, pathogens, emotions, vertebrae, and even teeth!

We also use this device to check for resonance of various therapies and helpful supplements. This way, we can make a plan for you with feedback from your body.

A comprehensive scan will be included in your visits with Dr Kennedy, as well as a more specific scan if indicated. She will use the results of the scan to make recommendations on supplements, nutrition, stress management, and other aspects of your health. Her recommendations may include an individualized liquid remedy that is formulated based on your results.

For current patients, we also offer some targeted scan options to check specific areas - see below.

*Bioenergetic testing is not diagnostic and does not replace lab testing. It's a great method for identifying imbalances that may show up before a disease process is in full swing, or where there are chronic issues going on.*

Can't make it to the office?

If you live out of town or can't make it into the office, no problem! We can use this system with a simple sample of saliva. First thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, saturate one end of a cotton swab/Qtip with saliva. Let the saliva dry and then put it into a plastic zip bag to mail to us. With your sample, we require that you print the following form, fill it out, and put it into the envelope with the sample. We will contact you when we receive the sample to schedule a result review by phone.

Targeted Scans

Available to current patients to assess specific areas.  These can be done in a short office visit or via saliva sample. A report of findings and recommendations will be provided.

Cost of each of the scans below is $80

Environmental Toxins

Includes heavy metals & chemicals

Gut Health & Pathogen

Includes bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and mycotoxins

Weight Management

Includes relevant hormones, dietary factors, and optimal exercise

Hormones & Neurotransmitt-ers

Includes a variety of hormones and neurotransmitters


Includes vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids

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