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Hydrotherapy is a treatment technique that greatly improves recovery from many illnesses, both acute and chronic. It stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, relaxes the nervous system, stimulates detox and elimination processes, and strengthens the digestive system. This therapy is gentle yet powerful with almost no potential for harm when overseen by a qualified physician who is specially trained in hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy works by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and improving or restoring normal organ function and circulation. The treatment brings more oxygenated blood and blood nutrients to tissues that need it. Hydrotherapy treatments use specifically timed warm and cool application of towels to influence circulation. This is combined with gentle electrical stimulation which help to improve nervous system and organ function. Treatments are tailored to the individual and their current health concerns. The best part is that it is very safe for all ages and helpful for a wide variety of conditions!

Treatments take about an hour and begin by briefly meeting with the physician who checks in with

you, listens to your heart and prescribes the treatment. In order to prepare for the treatment you will be given a robe and asked to undress from the waist up. Patient modesty is always exercised during the treatment. Patients often find the treatments very relaxing, and many even fall asleep!

Electrical Stimulation for more benefit:

Low Voltage Alternating Current (also known as Sine Wave) is used during most hydrotherapy treatments, providing a pain-free mild electrical current on the skin. The sensation is normally a buzzing or tickling sensation. Depending on the location of the pads, sine wave can improve digestive movement and tonify the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, kidneys and adrenal glands (stress glands) through a gentle sensory stimulation of the spinal nerves along the back.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

  • Enhanced ability to heal

  • Prevents and shortens duration of colds and flu

  • Relieves chronic pain, stress, and fatigue

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Improves digestion

  • Supports detoxification

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