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Start Grounding for Pain & Stress

How often do you walk outside barefoot? As a kid, the answer might have been “all the time”, but now it’s more likely to be “well, I went to the beach 6 months ago”. Here is why you should get in the dirt:

Earth has it’s own electromagnetic field. Our bodies also happen to run on electrical signals that travel from the brain through nerves and into cells. In the same way that a machine will build up electrical charge and need to be grounded, our bodies also need to be grounded regularly.

Chronic pain is becoming more and more common as time goes on and there are various reasons for this. One reason is inflammation. A small amount of inflammation here and there is normal in the body and is part of the immune system’s process in responding to pathogens. Persistent inflammation, however, causes damage to the body over time and creates pain. The inflammatory process in the body creates free radicals that contribute to tissue damage. So, how do we get rid of the free radicals? We need free electrons to attach to them (thank you, chemistry class). And thanks to Earth’s electromagnetic field, we can pick up these electrons when we simply contact the ground. Without neutralizing with those electrons, inflammation continues to be unmanageable.

We’re finding more evidence that our disconnection from nature has led to health declines in multiple ways, and avoiding contact with the ground is a big contributor. We even have studies that show direct effects of grounding like lower cortisol, improved heartrate variability, improved blood sugar regulation, improved immune response, and changes in thyroid function. Although it may seem like such a simple thing wouldn’t have a significant impact, it absolutely can.

Here are some benefits you can get from just putting your feet on the ground regularly:

· Improved sleep

· Reduced stress response

· Decreased pain and inflammation

· Improved immune responses

· Decreased anxiety

· Improved hormone balance

Grounding is easy and free! Give it a try for 20 minutes and your body will thank you.

You can also find grounding products to use in your home for similar effects here:


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