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What is muscle testing?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

How does it work?

Muscle testing is a non-invasive method for determining underlying causes of health disturbances. Using this method allows us to communicate with your nervous system by testing muscles and reflex points on your body that correlate with different organs and body functions. With this method, we contact reflex points on the body to send sensory input to the nervous system and detect a response through a temporary weakening of the muscle. 

When the function of an organ falls below the optimal range, you may begin to experience pain, discomfort, and musculoskeletal problems as well as various signs of illness. Through muscle testing, we can choose the most appropriate treatment for your body by seeing an immediate response when the treatment is in contact with your body.

Sometimes a treatment that is commonly used and for a certain condition is not quite the treatment your body needs. We can see this happening when that treatment does not change the muscle test while it is contacting your body. Once we find the correct treatment that will strengthen your body, we have eliminated time and money that could have been wasted on trying another treatment and not experiencing results. Using these techniques provides accurate and effective treatment that removes the guesswork that is present in most treatment decision-making processes.

How can it help you?

In our office, we integrate techniques from multiple systems of muscle testing including Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing. Your physician will use muscle testing at every office visit to assess the status of your organ systems and then to determine the best treatment that your body will respond to for healing. This will be demonstrated to you through the changes we see in muscle testing with appropriate treatments. We completely acknowledge the connections between different aspects of health including the function of structure, physiology, and emotions. Using muscle testing allows us to determine where to begin with our treatments and the best techniques for YOUR body. We use a variety of treatments including many hands-on techniques that work to adjust structural issues and address energetic flow in the body. Many of these methods have been synthesized over many years by practitioners that have combined concepts from various healthcare systems around the world to provide effective treatment that is as holistic as possible.   

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