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Do you ever really need to detox?

Detox has been a hot topic for a while now and it’s still being thoroughly debated by healthcare professionals. Let’s sort it out – our main organs of detoxification are the liver, skin, kidneys, and gut. These organs use different cellular processes to get heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, and regular cellular wastes out of the body. The liver uses a variety of enzymes, the skin expels substances in sweat, the kidneys pull substances through their tubules into urine, and the gut (when intact) pushes everything out into the toilet.

Normally, all of these organs do their jobs and keep your toxicity pretty low. However, in order to keep doing their jobs, you have to have enough of the nutrients they need to make those pathways and enzymes work. This is where we run into problems – so many people are depleted in these nutrients because the average diet is lacking. Not to mention, our soil is depleted in nutrients so we end up with produce that’s not as nutritious as it once was (studies show as much as a 50% decrease in many nutrients of today’s produce compared to that in the 1960’s).

The other issue we run into here is that our environment has become a whole lot more toxic than our bodies are used to in a short period of time. We obviously evolved with these detoxification abilities, but we have been adapted to a much cleaner environment for a VERY long time. Our capacity for detoxification doesn’t quite meet the standard in today’s world of industrial agriculture (pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics), manufacturing (heavy metals, synthetic chemicals), and food industry (preservatives, synthetic dyes, etc).

So, you can see how the body can become exhausted by the modern lifestyle of hurry, fast food, sedentary jobs, smoggy air, and chemicals and toxins in all of our daily products. That’s why I say that SOME people need a detox program once in a while. If you’re very careful about your lifestyle, nutrition, hydration, and exposures, then you’re not likely to need a detox program.

Here are some signs that you probably need to detox:

  • Brain fog

  • Fatigue

  • Joint pain

  • Constipation, gas, bloating

  • Sugar cravings

  • Headaches

  • Allergies

Now, keep in mind that when I say detox program, I mean a targeted program specifically for you to reduce your exposures and clean up the system. Part of that program (at least with me) will be lifestyle changes that need to be maintained after your program ends so you don’t just go back to square one in a few months. For example, drinking enough water and eating organic produce wherever possible are things you need to do regularly to maintain your health.

The bottom line is: not everyone needs to detox and going through the process looks different for everyone. That’s why I love the methods I use – with muscle testing we can figure out exactly what kind of supplemental support your body will need to detox efficiently and safely.

Call the office today to experience muscle testing and see the difference it can make in your healthcare! (503) 665-2344

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